Certbot on Fedora 23 python error


While trying to install Certbot on Feroda 23, this error pop up:

error: package python-devel-2.7.10-8.fc23.i686 requires python(x86-32) = 2.7.10-8.fc23, but none of the providers can be installed. package python-tools-2.7.10-8.fc23.i686 requires python = 2.7.10-8.fc23, but none of the providers can be installed

My current version is 2.7.11-11.fc23. That means I have to downgrade it somehow?


Try upgrading to Fedora 26 or later.


I’ve tried the same procedure on a clean VM install of Fedora 23 and it worked fine. Don’t know what’s going on…
I’m kinda scared to upgrade, because it’s a live server with multiple things on it working. It could break things big time.


Hmmm… I see your problem.
Have you tried both (certbot and certbot-auto) ?


cd /opt/letsencrypt
(only certbot is a catalogue)


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