CertBot issues with Asus Router

You might be able to download the plugin here:


You might also be able to run certbot in docker (either the nextcloud container or another one, image is certbot/certbot)

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I can't, because that requires Python. That was why I tried to use the Infomaniak instead

Using pip to install packages on the Certbot installation on Windows won't work indeed. As far as I know, only manually extracting the "wheel" to the pkgs directory does.

As that method is manually it also means any dependency of a package needs to be installed manually too, such as dnspython. And dnspython might also have dependencies requiring installation too. And on and on and on. Which is quite the hassle.

Also, if I understand you correctly, you're running NextCloud using Docker on Windows?


Correct, NextCloud is running from a Docker container.

I was thinking that some "wheels" already contain the dependencies. Not sure about this one though.


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