Certbot generating Selfsigned Cert not signed cert

Clear your cache and move to Step 3.

I have cleared my cache, and checked using a TOR browser.
how can we force HTTPS?


That is already happening (for both names)

Thanks @rg305

here is a screenshot from the website.

The site is secure.
You seem to have included some content (links or images) that are referenced via http:// directly.
That “breaks” full https security.
See: https://www.whynopadlock.com

correct, how can we force https?

redirect http to https

let me also fix this 1 image too.

HTTPS is already forced - put down the Latte
and look at this: https://www.whynopadlock.com/results/5702752e-a9f3-4f74-9f4f-42c2ff175e10

i see the problem, it was loading the hero image to dev server.

remove the “http://” from that included image link and try again.
Or change it to “https://”
[which seems to work as well]

I was able to resolve the issue, by updating the image to the correct link.

if you browse again ottawakaraoke.ca , you’ll notice there is no mixed content warning.

will this auto-renew?

Gotta run.
Best of luck.
Cheers from Miami :slight_smile:

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