Certbot Fails because of Domain

Hey Guys,

i wanted to run Certbot, i entered my domain and then this happen:

i dont know what to do…

Here is a full paste of it http://pastebin.com/TT8Dxzpr

What is your setup ?

port 80 appears to be going to your apache, however port 443 (https) is going to an OpenVPN-AS server. Let’s Encrypt is trying to verify your domain using apache on port 443, but can’t reach the apache on that port.

Oh yea… totally forget that, how can i remove this access server?

Ok this worked, but if i connect to my domain, its only http, but if i type https than its secure, in this installation i chose secure not easy

Without knowing your setup, which you haven’t provided, I can’t give you detailed instructions as to how to.

It should be relatively easy on most systems to set up https though.

I got a little Root Server, im Running on Debian 8, i got Apache2. I dont know, is that enough? :smiley:

Now that you no longer have the 443 connecting to the OpenVPN-AS server you should be able to use certbot-auto and it will set everything up for you - yes.

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