Certbot external certificate installation

My web server is: Apache
Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
Domain: nemoprojects.com

Question: I have ssl certificate files (private.key, certificate.crt and ca_bundle.crt). I want to install them on my web server. Is there any command for certbot to install those files automatically? I don’t wanna do them manually.

Please help


I think certbot currently only supports obtain & install certificates obtained from a ACME compatible CA. If you need help only for installing a certificate, you might want to find a person (or freelance might also work?) for that.

I can’t use certbot… it says too many certificate already issued for exact same domain… So I wanted to install an external certificate…

If you know how to do that can you help me? I am suffering from 2 days… and came here for help

This means you’ve hit a duplicate certificate limit, and if you don’t have access to previously obtained certificates then you might need to wait longer… (or to get a certificate from other CA)

I got certificate from different provider… but dunno how to install that :frowning:

You can configure certbot to use BuyPass CA (another CA that supports and use the ACME protocol). The instruction is outlined here: https://www.buypass.com/ssl/products/acme

I don’t think this forum is a place for helps other than Let’s Encrypt certificate related topics (however i"m definitely not a mod, so…)

I set everything but stuck at this :sob:

Can you please help me?? It will only take 5 mins…:(((

You need to read the documentation for your server software on how to install an ssl certificate. It will say everything you need to know.

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