Certbot error NoInstallationError

I am trying to get ssl for my vm instance on GCP. Everything goes well until the last step when it says the following:
NoInstallationError("Could not find a usable 'nginx' binary. Ensure nginx exists, the binary is exec utable, and your PATH is set correctly."

What can I do to avoid this please?
Here are the instance details:

Operating System

Debian (10)


Ghostscript (9.05)

ImageMagick (6.9.8)

lego (4.1.3)

MySQL (8.0.22)

NGINX Open Source (1.18.0)

OpenSSL (1.1.1h)

PHP (7.4.13)

phpMyAdmin (5.0.4)

SQLite (3.33.0)

Varnish (6.0.7)

WordPress (5.6)

WP-CLI (2.4.1)

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The version you have (compiled) may not be detected.

Which ACME client are you using?
Can you use it with --webroot type option instead?

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When you type nginx in the shell, does it register as a command?

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