Certbot doesn't have RedHat 4.4 as a system option

When I click on the Certbot link

It wants to know what software and what system my server uses. I logged onto my GoDaddy Linux Cpanel Server via SSH using PuTTY and checked and I’m using Apache and my system is RedHat 4.4 but that isn’t an option in the Certbot dropdown. If I select RHEL 6 will that cause me problems with the install.

I know RHEL 4.4 is really old and I chatted with GoDaddy about upgrading but because I’m on a shared server it hasn’t been upgraded yet. Basically I think they’re trying to highly encourage (ie: nearly force) people to buy a ssl cert from them. They said they have no estimate on when they’ll be upgrading my server. I think that is ridiculous, but short of upgrading to my own server or changing to a different host this is what I’ve got.

Should I use Certbot with Apache and RHEL 6 or use a different ACME client?


The server is old enough that it won’t have the necessary dependencies for Certbot. You’ll want to use a different client.

RHEL 4 is very very old. Old enough that there are no security updates being made. They are being severely negligent in maintaining a secure service for their customers.


If I was paying a company to give me 11-year-old software that lost extended lifecycle support eight months ago and can't even provide an estimate for upgrade timeframe, well, I'd stop paying that company. You have far more security concerns on that server than just TLS at this point.

Relevant to your question, though, I agree with motoko, you'll need to use an alternative client. There's a good list here. You may consider the web-based ones, as you'll probably need to do this manually every couple months no matter what. As far as I'm aware, there's no way to automate renewal on GoDaddy shared hosting.


why not use an online client to generate the certificate

zerossl.com is a good option


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I think you guys are right. @jared.m & @motoko I need to switch my hosting account.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :slight_smile:

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