Certbot docker image with multiple domains


I'm facing with an issue that I need to generate certificates for several domains.
I've found the same problem here, but the answer is not clear for me.

As I understand, certonly command in entrypoint doesn't accept several -d flags. Moreover, certbot docker container stops immediately after it was started.

Could anyone please help me to generate certificates for multiple domains? Or I need to create a certbot container for each domain?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @luntik4344, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

The main concern for a simple certificate implementation is to ensure HTTP can reach the site being certified.

So, the first step towards that is to ensure that each site can be reached via HTTP.
[a working HTTP site is required to authenticate via HTTP]
If the sites are in one container, then things are simple.
If the sites are spread across multiple containers, then it's not so simple [probably impossible - without some workaround/compensation]

If you need help getting each site available via HTTP, that is really outside the scope of this forum - but someone here might be able (and willing) to help you figure that out.
A simple solution would be to run a proxy on the host and (using SNI) proxy the requests to their respective container(s).


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