Certbot auto renewal with multiple aws profiles

My domain is:

I have a single server where I'm hosting 5 websites with route53.
2 of the website is with one tenant and 3 is with another,
I want to use certbot to auto renew the ssl certificate possibly using cron.
I looked into Welcome to certbot-dns-route53’s documentation! — certbot-dns-route53 0 documentation but couldn't find a way to specify aws profile while running the certbot command.
Is it possible to do this?

So that documentation you linked, there's a section that talks about configuring access keys but that it is "discussed in more detail in the Boto3 library’s documentation about configuring credentials."

If you look at that, I think you'll see the information on setting an AWS_PROFILE environment variable, and other ways of configuring the authentication that you're looking for.


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