Certbot-auto install only?!?

The differences between certbot-auto and letsencrypt-auto are kind of driving me nuts. I wish they were documented (if they are I am unable to find it)

I maintain a docker container with nginx/letsencrypt based on ubuntu 14.04: https://hub.docker.com/r/aptalca/nginx-letsencrypt/
With letsencrypt-auto, I could easily install it during container build with the --help option. With certbot-auto, this option no longer installs or updates it. Running it without an option (or with just the --non-interactive option) produces an error, that breaks the container build.

Is there a way to just install with the auto script without running anything?


EDIT: Another reason for wanting to uncouple the script/dependency updates from cert renewals is that in my container, I have to stop the webserver during renewals (have to use port 443, so I have to use standalone as the webroot only works through port 80). I would like to minimize the down time. If updating occurs at the same time as the cert renewal, the downtime can be much longer.

To my knowledge the main difference is that --help does not invoke the installation process (this lead to many user complaints, as it's counter-intuitive that something like --help would install stuff) and that apt-get (or yum/dnf) commands are interactive. I think most (all?) other changes are behind the scenes and should not affect users.

I'm guessing you're referring to the "Missing command line flags." message along with a non-zero exit code when you run certbot-auto -n?

certbot-auto -n -h appears to do the same thing as letsencrypt-auto -h in the past. Maybe that'll work for you.

Excellent. That seems to have worked. No more non-zero exit codes and the docker builds successfully.

Thanks so much.

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