Certbot-auto fails / worked just fine until Dec '19

thank you, gentlemen
so to sum it up in this case the proper ways is:

  1. delete the old cert link


  1. delete the current cert

certbot delete --cert-name btcpay.bereskapi-ha.duckdns.org-0001

  1. create new cert

./certbot-auto certonly --standalone --preferred-challenges http-01 --email your@email.address -d btcpay.bereskapi-ha.duckdns.org

  1. repair and clean up

./certbot-auto update_symlinks

Or am I missing something?


I don’t think it’s super-bad to have the -0001 certificate and I wouldn’t consider it necessary to delete it just to get rid of the -0001, especially because this would also necessitate reconfiguring your web service.

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thank you
all is good now.
I learned a lot about certbot and networking solving this problem.
hope it will be useful for other asus router owners)