Certbot-auto as cronjob running apt-get


Running Ubuntu 14.04.5

When running “certbot-auto” as root from the command line, it sometimes updates itself if there’s a newer version available. The output then just says that it’s updating itself and python etc. all that is fine. No interaction is needed

What is strange is that when running the exact same command as a cronjob (as root) then the logs show that apt-get update is running, and it gets stuck on a y/n-question about updates.

I have also heard that you can use “–no-self-upgrade” to not update anything. however, i’m ok with it updating, i just want it to be able to update from the cronjob as well.

Has anyone else experienced this? any suggestions?

I wouldn't run any software update as a cronjob and stick with the option --no-self-upgrade.

adding -q -y in the cron may help you

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