Certbot Apache renewal stopped working (rpi)

Are you at the right IP?
curl ifconfig.co


@rg305 @MikeMcQ Thank you for all the help, the issue is resolved.

After a hardware reset and reconfigure of the router everything works as expected again.

I connected my PC directly to the Internet and started a local HTTP server (80, 5000), requests reached my server when executed by Online API Testing Tool | Test Your API Online (reqbin.com).

When I connected my PC to the router and added a port forward rule on 80 the request did not reach my server. But when I changed the rule to forward 5000 the request came thru as expected. I concluded that the router was at fault and performed a factory reset, et voila everything works again.

Thanks to everyone for helping me resolve the issue - hopefully my ISP supplied router won't suddenly stop forwarding port 80.


Good to hear. This was one of those (rare) times that "did you try turning it off and back on again" would have worked :slight_smile:

Just reminder we made change to your VirtualHost server names. You should review what you want for that but you can't have the overlap like you did before. If wishlist is fundamentally different you could remove ServerAlias for it and change the ServerName to the wishlist domain.


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