Certbot Apache - How to re-generate HTTPS config not regenerated when HTTP config is changed

When having using certbot like this: certbot -n --apache -d one.example.com -d two.example.com --agree-tos --email ssl@example.com --expand certbot copies the configs old.example.com.conf and two.example.com.conf to old.example.com-le-ssl.conf and two.example.com-le-ssl.conf.

However when changes happen to let’s say one.example.com.conf, those will not automatically be reflected in two.example.com-le-ssl.conf.

Is there a way to achieve this, like some certbot --regenerate-ssl-configs for example?


I don't think this will happen, as certbot is designed to help you get certificate and possibly deploy the certificate to a https virtual host.

It should not act as a assistant for your web server.
You should always try to deploy those charges by yourself manually.

Thank you

Well OK. That sucks. Thanks anyway for clarification.

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