CertBot and GetSSL missing dependencies- acme.sh works on Namecheap/Cloudlinux!

hi @VWFeature

Suggest you adopt acme.sh methods into Certbot

That's really up to the writer of the Client. Each client has different approaches for how they solve the problems and what works for one client may not work for another due to language etc. For example something that takes one line in PowerShell maybe 10-30 lines in another language.

I would recommend all users try acme.sh if Certbox doesn't work immediately.

Thats a very broad statement. Selection of a client is about the right tool for the job not what you can or can't install. Certbot works really well in most scenarios and acme.sh works really well in other scenarios as well.


Are you aware that cPanel has their own LetsEncrypt plugin for exactly what you are describing. It called AutoSSL and you can find out more about it here.

The take home I am trying to get across is making blanket statement use this if this doesn't work is how we get people who spent lots of time on a client that is not suitable for their needs instead of spending some time selecting a client fit for purpose