Certbot: Always Times Out (truenas:nextcloud)

Because you have to change all your listen statements from 443 to OTHER-PORT.
If you only have two sites, no big deal.
If you have 1000 sites - no way Jose!

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If you have 1000 sites, it's probably not behind NAT :wink:

If it's behind NAT, it's probably a home server.. And probably just a few sites.

Also, changing from 443 to ${other-port} is probably easily automated using sed or something like that :slight_smile:

Not that it matters much, using a different port scheme makes no difference, I was just wondering why the difference existed in the first place.


You oversimplify things.
Multiple admins
Multiple systems that can make changes (add/modify) - like panels.

In a kitchen with only one Chef, no problem - all is possible.
Trying to put this out there as a one-size-fits all is crazy! :crazy_face:

My own take on how it can best be applied.
[there was no manual/tech guide I followed]


I'm hoping those multiple admins with all those multiple systems don't have to rely on a single NAT device :wink:


The world is full of choices and differences.

I try to always use multiple firewalls [some are even clustered (and act as one)].
But they must all respect each other and in the line of sight only one of them should ever do NAT.
[not to say that things haven't had to be done in very creative ways in very rare situations - that is not the norm]


actually it may not even matter for me. I was able to connect all my personal devices to my nextcloud server without a proper certificate. I give zero craps if everybody else on planet erf has problems connecting.

I think this was all an ISP thing. I did give detailed descriptions and proof the problem wasn't my side.

I locally tested and proved that my router and modem are not the cause. I even managed to reactivate an admin portal on my local modem that I should not have had access to, to do it.

I have no idea how to award multiple solutions in this case.

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