Cert on Juniper SRX

Hey everyone,

Has anyone been able to issue a cert to a Juniper SRX.
I have tried on the Junos layer as well as through a Linux box and I can’t get it to work.

Any recommendation?


For those sort of devices I tend to use GetSSL - although I’m biased as I wrote that script :wink:

You could use a different one of the many alternate scripts to obtain the certificate, but many woud involve a manual step.

I tend to run GetSSL on a different linux box to the device, and if you have an API on your DNS I’d suggest using the DNS challenge - as that can be done completely independently of the device. Then upload the cert using SSH (automatic in GetSSL) and also automatically install it …

set system services web-management https pki-local-certificate SRX interface fe-0/0/0.0

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