Cert for use in Home Automation, not website?

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isy 994i

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Looking to get a signed cert and the trusted root cert .pem file so I can hook my home automation system up for remote access. Can Lets Encrypt help me in this? I have domains which i can put files out to prove ownership, however this cert is going to be for an internal 192.168.x.x address.

Thoughts on how to proceed? I can generate the CSR from within the admin of the HA system.

If you want a certificate from let’s encrypt, you will need an externally visible domain name. Since it sounds like this certificate is only for you own use, it is probably simpler to generate a self signed certificate and import it into your trust store.

If you do have domain names where you can get certificates, you can also choose to copy those certificates onto your home automation device. Certificates and private keys are just files which can be copied from one machine to another (hopefully always by authorized people rather than by someone stealing keys to impersonate someone else).

The certificate itself will be issued for a public domain name, not for an IP address, so you would need to arrange to access the home automation system by that public name.

Self-signed certificates can definitely be easier if you are the only person who accesses the service!

Thx for the reply and advice. I could get a cert for one of my domains and even fwd requests through that domain to my internal device I suppose, so I have a path. Can’t be self-signed unfortunately, must be by authority.

With the responses here, I have a couple ideas I will pursue. Many thanks for the ideas.

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