Cert for both (www and non-www) or separated?

Hi there, I’m new to SSL and I have a very noob question:
My website is always served in the “https://www.domain.com” version, so the version “https://.domain.com” will be redirected to “https://www.domain.com”.
My question is: Is there any advantage or disadvantage if I install two cert for each version (1 cert for www and 1 cert for non-www). Or it is better to just install one cert for both versions?
With advantage I mean: the website load faster, maintenance, etc…
Thank you in advanced.

Hi @ruminir

that’s your decision. There is no global rule.


It really is your choice, but if you have both www and non-www within the same vhost/server block, then a single Cert with both domains would probably suit you better.

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