Cerbot command not found

I received an email for renewal. Went to run the cerbot renew command but the cerbot command is not on the machine (although it was when I did the last renewal). All I can think of is that some update screwed with cerbot.

I’m running jessie on a RPi-3 with apache web server.
I did run a find command
find / -name *cerbot* -print to be sure I really do not have the command.
Then I found info that suggested running:
sudo apt-get install python-cerbot-apache -t jessie-backports
Reading package lists… Done
E: The value ‘jessie-backports’ is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources

So now I’m a lost soul wanting to not screw up the machine worse than it is.


Are you sure that you typed certbot as opposed to cerbot when you ran this command?

And the output was totally empty?

You are exactly right. A simple typo caused me all that difficulty.
Thanks for your reply.

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