CA's Role in Fighting Phishing and Malware

That argument is for the courts.
CAs aren't in the business of policing anything.
Could they? ~maybe~
Should they? Definite NOT.
Only in communist countries does one system control all aspects of... well, everything.
Mail carriers and bus drivers don't give tickets to people they see speeding (for good reason).
[at least NOT in any sane system]


I think you misunderstood me. The OP was implying that Let's Encrypt wouldn't need to worry about mistakes if they decided to become the anti-phishing police because they couldn't be sued since it's a free service. The idea that it's ok to be reckless when deciding to take down a web site, because the owner of the site isn't paying you, is what I find morally wrong.

I agree that CA's shouldn't be the phishing police.


Hazzards of reading too fast - LOL
My apology.


I guarantee (from experience) that just being a "Free Service" is not enough to gain immunity from the court system.