Can't use SSL certifacate

So basically, I hostet an Linux Server at Strato (a German Hosting provider), and installed a Forum System on It,The problem is, strato gives everyone a domain with (random nummber), and that is why I cant active or create an ssl certficate for my server, becouse many peopel uses already a certficate, for,

What can I do?

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Get your own domain name. Some free ones are available from Freenom if you don’t want to pay.

Unless the owners of apply to Let’s Encrypt for a global rate limit increase, there’s nothing to be done.

It’s usually much simpler to get your own domain. Plus, it gives you the freedom to leave Strato in future, without having to change your domain name.


I alreaady own an Domain, but I cant use it as an main domain, its a forwarding domain to the domain, I contacted my Hosting Provider and asked them if they could change the domain to my main domain.

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So, you are using their VPS or dedicated server offerings?
If so, you can simply point your domain to the server with A record and request a certificate with that.

If you are using a shared hosting, try to add that domain onto the service in your control panel.

In any means, that should be something just like AWS’s placeholder hostname and shouldn’t be used to host website…

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I paid 20€ for adding my domain to the server pack, and activated A record, the problem is, after clicking enter the domain changes back to the btw the website is on a vLinux server, with plesk installed on It

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You still didn’t answer the hosting type questions. But anyway…

If you are using Plesk hosting, you should click on your domain in the “Domains” list, and find the Let’s Encrypt plugin in there. From my experience with that plugin, you can’t input the domain you are trying to secure, instead that will be based on the website you clicked from. The only input field is your email.

Please try to follow this guide for a step by step instructions:

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