Can't run commands on CMD

I’ve made a clone of letsencrypt using GIT, but can’t seem to run the ./letsencrypt-auto --help command and get this message : " ‘.’ is an unrecognised command "

What operating system are you running this on ?

The commands only run in terminal (the UNIX shell) CDM is a windows application. you will need to make a UNIX virtual machine to get the certificates until (if ever) a windows implementation is made. Lets Encrypt is primarily aimed at LINUX systems.

Hi Guys thanks for your help.

So now im trying to run this on my macbook, on the latest osx. After installing some dependencies i get this message:

No Installers are available on your OS yet: try running “letsencrypt-auto certonly” to get a cert you can install manually.

So i do this and after a while i get a small simple GUI that asks me to accept and enter my email, and finally my domain name( Which i do, once this is done i get this message:

Failed authorisation procedure. (tls-sni-01): urn:acme:error:unauthorised :: The client lacks sufficient authorisation :: correct zName not found for TLS SNI challenge. Found

Edit: I realise i could run Unix on a virtual machine and more than likely will if mac ends up being a dead-end.

Is your Macbook hosting, i.e. does a HTTP request on port 80/443 for get routed to it?

Let’s Encrypt will try to connect to the site to solve a challenge that demonstrates you own the domain in question. This will either be done by requesting{random token} (http-01, e.g. with manual mode) or with a tls-sni-01 challenge on port 443 (that’s what you’re using currently).

If your Macbook isn’t your web server for this domain (which I assume), you will need to either run Let’s Encrypt on your web server, or (if that’s not possible because you’re on some shared hosting plan) use manual mode where you can manually upload a challenge file on your web server to complete the challenge. Note that you will have to repeat this process at least every 90 days.