Can't get Let's Encrypt SSL


We have a problem with getting your sertificate.

Our domain -
It was placed on hosting.

Our website works on the platform and, unfortunately, all our files are locked and placed on another hosting.

So we try to get SSL for our domain through ISP Manager. We get notification with TXT code, we put it to our DNS settings but it doesn’t work because of ISP Manager and it’s functional. ISP need to have all files and domain on one hosting. We can’t get Let’s Encrypt SSL using other way. So now we need your help.

Thank you



Could you please elaborate on this?

Thank you


We want to get wildcard SSL by Let’s Encrypt. Now we have a simpble one, without wildcard.
How can we do it? We wrote our TXT files (you can see it here - ) but it doesn’t work.


Looks fine, does ISP Manager show any error?


Hi @radik1

found there:

Please note the following limits

You can order only 5 certificates a week (TLD, including its subdomains)
Wildcard certificates are not supported
Let’s Encrypt certificate validity period is 3 months (every 3 months ISPmanager will reissue Let’s Encrypt certificates)

So it looks impossible to get a wildcard certificate via “ISP Manager”.


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