Can't certbot renew in nginx

But if you make a file /src/examplestore/www/public/test.txt, you can’t see that file at /test.txt on the web site itself?

Nginx appends the full path to the root. It needs to be “root /src/examplestore/www/public;”. “root /src/examplestore/www/public/.well-known/acme-challenge;” would use paths like /src/examplestore/www/public/.well-known/acme-challenge/.well-known/acme-challenge.

Nginx’s error.log should show what path it’s been trying to use.

However… Nginx’s default 404 page uses different phraseology. It’s:

404 Not Found


It’s totally possible the site is configured to use a nnon-default 404 page, but it could also be that 404 errors are coming from some backend PHP web application or somesuch.


And Nginx’s default error pages don’t contain a <meta> tag.

If the error is coming from a web application, Nginx’s error.log probably doesn’t contain anything, and you’d have to see if the web application has logs.

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Please close, the issue was solved with create new certificate. And my mistake was i renewal in old server. I am forget that web app was move on new VPS server…
And many thank’s to @schoen @jared.m @mnordhoff for your support.

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