Cannot validate domain when creating new cert

Yeah, you just might want to refer your cloud provider to those sites / results. It they are your DNS provider too.

Or, just wait until they resolve the other errors and see what happens.


I hade the other environment ( which also validation problems problems analyzed by | DNSViz

Looks good this time.
Perhaps all the problems are related to some kind of ongoing ddos attacks possibly against our DNS provider?

Yes but impossible for me to know.

The Let's Debug site is still showing a problem but now the same general timeout no longer a DNS problem. Use same link as above but click Re-Run Test at top of that page. Might be easier than actually running wacs repeatedly and won't create rate limiting issues for you.


We can now validate our domains again. Thanks for the help.

The problem was caused by some kind of faulty network configuration made by one of our cloud provider's network providers.

"One of our network providers had implemented faulty configuration which resulted in certain of Let's Encrypt's verifies being blocked. The configuration has been updated and the issue should be resolved."


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