Cannot register account on Staging server


I’m developing a client in Go using lego/acme, I used my own instance of the boulder and everything worked fine.
But I recently switch to the staging server, and I am not able to register an account.

I don’t have any explicit error, just EOF. I don’t really understand because everything worked well with the boulder. I could register an account and get certificate

Is there a way to see what happens on the server side ? It could help me to understand the error.


If you want to use dns-01, use v2:

If I know it correct (didn’t used v1), v1 used “register” or something else, but v2 uses new-account.

as endpoint.


Yes sorry I wasn’t clear.
I already use the v2 and I use the newAccount url to register the account.


I solved the problem.
Actually, the CA server responds with 200 and Location header when the account is already registered. That’s why response’s body was empty.
Explanation is here :


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