Cannot open the certificate

Hello! Can someone help me with the following issue, please: I have created an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt, via certbot and so on.
The certificate was successfully created, I have managed to import it into my system (I have used to convert it into pfx file), but when I am trying to use this certificate to my other server (I have 2 Exchange Servers), I cannot use it, because it was prompting me for the PFX password which I don't remember and if I am trying to convert the PEM file again into PFX using the same converter from sslshopper, it says that I don't have rights to open the files (cert file). What should I do ?


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Hi @RS21

install a Windows OpenSsl and use that to create the pfx file.

Then you have a local solution. You shouldn't upload your private key to an online tool.

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Thanks a lot, it worked with OpenSSL.


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