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Since I am registered with the service of 'Certify the Web', I wonder to receive an Email to renew my Registration from your organization. I do know, they are using your Certificates! But I thought your compensate was an issue between you and their organization. Please clarify. By the way, there was no topic when entering 'Certify the Web'. One of the domains which are covered through Certify the Web by a Let's Encrypt Certificate is ''
Looking forward to your answer


As a Certify the Web user, it's expected that you may receive expiry reminders directly from Let's Encrypt.

Let's Encrypt is the service that issues the certificates, and Certify is a program that interfaces with it. One of the ways it does this is that it creates an account with Let's Encrypt on your behalf, with your email address.

Let's Encrypt sends its own expiry reminders and it uses the email address from your Let's Encrypt account, which Certify created for you.

Hopefully that explains why you are receiving those emails!

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For info, we have discussed this over support and the issue was an old cert without the www. SAN, so the expiry email for that old cert came through from LE.


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