Cannot create ssl certificates in Let's Encrypt

Unfortunately, I don’t get to create certificates in Let’s Encrypt. I’m already with my Latin at the end. I get the following error message:
ValueError: Challenge did not pass for {u’status’: u’invalid’, u’challenges’: [{u’status’: u’invalid’, u’validationRecord’: [{u’url’: u’’, u’hostname’: u’’, u’addressUsed’: u’’, u’port’: u’80’, u’addressesResolved’: [u’’]}], u’url’: u’’, u’token’: u’e0q4PEP9xKuveSm3Rq6p0bykNl1zt3D_o5iHhkAFab4’, u’error’: {u’status’: 403, u’type’: u’urn:ietf:params:acme:error:unauthorized’, u’detail’: u’Invalid response from []: "\r\n

I called the website with curl -i and could call up the Test.txt without any problems.

I hope you can help me,



Hi @milzie

checking your domain there is the correct answer http status 404 - Not Found ( ):

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 302
Html is minified: 104,00 % 0.094 A 302 Html is minified: 104,00 % 4.427 B 302 Html is minified: 104,17 % 4.250 B No GZip used - 6555 / 17451 - 37,56 % possible Inline-JavaScript (∑/total): 4/6029 Inline-CSS (∑/total): 0/0 200 Html is minified: 194,59 % 5.064 B Inline-JavaScript (∑/total): 0/0 Inline-CSS (∑/total): 1/4 404 Html is minified: 202,36 % 0.093 A
Not Found


Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.0

Is there a web.config with


to allow extensionless files? Change your test.txt into 1234 as file name (without extension) and check that url directly.

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Hello Jürgen,
the UCS server runs in a VirtualBox on a Windows Server 2012.
The mail server Kopano and Nextcloud run on the UCS server. I access the Internet address “” to send my e-mail and retrieve and further on my cloud.

The web.config file does not exist on my computer.



I tried to create a certificate with the website and then I get the following message:
“Detail”: “Error creating new order :: Cannot issue for “”: Invalid character in DNS name”,

You can't create a certificate with a port. You can use a certificate with every port.


That's the first problem using IIS. So your test with test.txt is completely unrelevant.


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