Cannot apply SSL Certificate to Plesk (VPS)

Using this Plesk Support Article, I have tried to installed the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

I was successful in applying said certificates to the domains on the VPS, however I am having problems with the VPS itself.

Following the article’s steps, I went into ‘Tools & Settings’ > ‘SSL/TLS Certificates’ and then applied the ‘Lets Encrypt certificate (server pool)’ Certificate. I was shown then following message: ‘Information: The Lets Encrypt certificate certificate was successfully set to secure Plesk.’

I then tried to see if the SSL was working by logging back into my VPS but rather than the ‘https’ prefix displaying, I was redirected to the ‘http’ prefix, where the usual Privacy and Security page appears.

Is there anything else I need to do, in order to apply the SSL Certificate to the Plesk VPS?

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