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Is there a way to cancel limit rule just for once, when too many certificates already issued for exact set of domain?
I just tried bash command for automatic making new certificates and certbot made bad config file for ssl, so I removed all certs and tried again and again with small modifications. I didn’t know there are limitations for this. I am very sorry.

My bash command.
for i in $(cat hosek.conf | grep ServerName | cut -d’ ’ -f2); do certbot --apache --redirect -d $i; sleep 2; done

Where could be catch about the bash command?

My domains are:

Or how long I must wait for ability to create new certs for this domain? Is some check tool fot this?

Thank you very much.



Hi @genderbee

where is your older topic with the same question?

Looks like you have deleted that topic. And my answer.

Hello @JuergenAuer,
yes, I removed my older topic, because I tried letsencrypt support directly via email, I thought this is not question for this forum.
In future, I will use this for testing, is it right?

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Yup, that's the correct way to test things without hitting as many rate limits :+1:

Hi, thanks for info.
So what can I do now for get new certs for domains above?

You can add an extra (valid) subdomain to the certificate request; then the request will no longer be “for the exact set of names”.

OK, and how long will be impossible create new certs for domains above? Or could I ask letsencryt support directly to cancel all my certs orders from past for domains above? Just for now.

For one week from the time the first one was generated.



OK, thanks to everybody, I will wait.


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