Cancel certificate on removed subdomain

I’m receiving renewal notices for a removed subdomain. How can I cancel the certificate if the subdomain has been removed?

You can revoke a certificate using some ACME clients (I don’t know if that will stop renewal reminder emails) but if the real issue is that you find the emails (for an old domain) annoying, they will stop once the certificate has fully expired - so you can just ignore them.

Am having the same issue after migrating servers from Webscreations Design to am getting alot of failed emails for failed certificates that were being installed.

What can i do to resolve this.


The email is an automated process, so even the cert is revoked & removed, it will still send out reminding you cert expiration date.

If your cert is already revoked or don’t want to renew it, simply ignore the email. (As it doesn’t represent the cert is active or not, just a general reminder)

Thank you.

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