Can router detect the target ip address?

When i connect a https website via router,can the router detect the target ip address?

my pc --> router --> the https website

Yes. It couldn't direct your packets otherwise.

To avoid that you need to use onion routing ->


Yes, the TLS protocol is belowabove the IP protocol. From "outside" to "inside" the network packet, it's:

Ethernet (MAC address) -> IP (IP address) -> TCP (port) -> TLS (security layer) -> HTTP (application protocol).

So the HTTP protocol content is encrypted by the TLS layer, but the TCP/IP layer is not.


OSI layer model has it the other way around though. Physical is "lowest", if you want to use those terms.


Then we turn the terms around :stuck_out_tongue:


A simpler explanation of what everyone above said:

Your computer/device will resolve a HTTPs website to an IP address, and connect to that IP address through your router, presenting it with the host (domain) and path (of the url). If you're connecting from the router, it's doing all that itself.

Unless you are going through a VPN, your router must see the target IP address. If you are going through a VPN (or Onion), all that will be encrypted traffic to your router – but the VPN's router (or exit node) will see the target IP address.


The question seems to be in the wrong direction...
The router doesn't need to detect the IP from a URL; The router must be given a packet with the destination IP already defined.
All the router needs to do is route that packet towards that destination IP.
[that's what routers do: route packets]


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