Can I tell the http01 challenge to accept 401 status codes?

Error message of cert-manager in Google Kubernetes Engine:
message: "cert-manager/controller/challenges "msg"="propagation check failed" "error"="wrong status code '401', expected '200'" "dnsName"="" "resource_kind"="Challenge" "resource_name"="bm-api-certificate-3892865400-2202752448-1685423685" "resource_namespace"="prod" "type"="http-01" "

This is because we return 401 on purpose when requesting However we have a 200 status code on

What are ways to get the challenge to succeed? Can I tell “it” somehow to accept a 401 status code as well?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi @xetra11

you have to change your configuration, so there is the required answer http status 200.

A protocol isn’t something you can add options “on the fly”.

Ok makes sense!
Thanks for your advice

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