Can I know who tried to verify my domain?

I developed program that users can issue certificate by LH-01 or LD-01 way.
(As you know, LH-01 means Let’s encrypt http 01 way &
LD-1 means Let’s encrypt dns 01 way.)
my history is this.

One user issues token for LD-01 Cert issuing.
and my system’s cron tries to verify token per 5 minutes of course when I detected TXT record successfully added.
But, When my cron tries to verify, that token was already invalid!

I don’k know why that token goes to be invlaid and it causes error.
Can I know the domain’s verify history?
That domain iss

I am using nginx & getssl client.
thx.for reading.

Please note: you are not using getssl - as getssl does not behave in this way.

You are using your own code, which may be based on an older version of getssl, and then modified by you.

As we have discussed before on this forum, unless you have modified the method you are using, then you are using a method that will not work, and will give you errors like this.

Each request will have a validity period (or expiry time ) specified in the ACME response.

The only way for you to see the domains verify history is if you maintain that yourself.

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