Can I have an existing SSL Certificate resent?

My domain is:

I ran this problem:
I designed a new site for my client and setup new hosting. He doesn’t have the original SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt. How can I have Let’s Encrypt resend his SSL Certificate, so I can get it setup?

Hi @sixstring,

Certificates are public information, but are only usable with the accompanying private key. This prevents sites from using one another’s certificates to impersonate one another.

If you don’t have the private key, the existing certificate isn’t usable to you. The certificate authority also never possesses the private key and can’t help recreate it; this is also by design.

If you don’t have the private key, you should simply generate a new certificate from scratch.

Thanks @schoen. I’m glad to know I can simply generate a new one.

I wish I could figure out Let’s Encrypt. I tried to create an SSL Certificate for another client earlier in the week, but it was only $9/year to have my client use another site. Let me know if you have any recommendations where to learn how to generate an SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt. From what I’ve seen, it looks very complicated for a creative guy like me.

Hi @sixstring,

Basically, people who are used to system administration and who have administrative access to their servers should use one of the dozens of command-line tools (like Certbot, which we develop), and those who aren't should choose a hosting provider that provides automated or integrated support for Let's Encrypt.

There are other options, like using a web-based client to generate the certificate in your browser, but they're dramatically less convenient because they won't support automated renewal.

If you're not the administrator of your web server, the level of integration and options to use Let's Encrypt are totally at the administrator's discretion and so it matters a lot who your hosting provider is.

Thanks again @schoen for the info. I have admin access to my client’s server, but I have no interest in learning how to figure out Certbot, so I’ll pay another service for this client and choose another host provider in the future.



A personal suggestion. You could buy a certificate at (or from cPanel), they offer pretty solid discounts on basic certificates. (Cheaper than $9) :slight_smile:

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