CAA Record time-to-live?

I've had an accounturi CAA record on my account for years but apparently just now Let's Encrypt is checking that field. That's great, unfortunately my domain is now failing to renew. My accounturi was set to the acme-v01 server as this was the account uri in my regr.json file.

I looked at the "Finding Account IDS" documentation (here Finding Account IDs - Let's Encrypt) and looked at the Boulder-Requester header being used to renew my cert against the server and it turns out the actual ID is the same. So I changed my CAA record to point to the acme-v02 server instead (URL template:

I tried renewing again using certbot and it returned the same CAA authorization failure. Okay, so then I removed the CAA record altogether. Still it's failing. How long are the CAA records cached on Let's Encrypt's end?

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Please read this Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) - Let's Encrypt and this ISRG CPS v4.4 - Let's Encrypt
and this post as well Soliciting feedback on shortening authorization lifetimes to 7 hours - #27 by aarongable

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My domain is:

I ran this command:

It produced this output:

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I believe it’s capped at 1 minute maximum. If you post your domain I can take a look at what’s wrong with the record.


And there is this online tool

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Thank you for your offer to help, I just tried it again and it works. I think the expiration might be a bit more complex than a 1-minute ttl because it was at least 1 day before I tried it after updating my record. In any case whatever cache was set has been cleared and the new URI works so thank you! i will close this request


A common source of delays in record propagation is inside the DNS provider hosting a domain's authoritative records, as larger providers often use many distributed servers that may not all get updated right away.

I am glad to hear your problem has been resolved.


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