CAA record & Certificate does not match name


I hope that works…


It did work; but it is the wrong file.
It contains:
SSLCertificateFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/localhost.crt

Please upload:
that contains:
SSLCertificateFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/


Buenso dias.
Here we go. Wolfgang…conf.txt (759 Bytes) (1.1 KB)


I don’t see any problems within those two files.

I do see “total 8” in this folder but you only show two files:

Are there any other files in there that may include port 443?
If not, I think we can close this issue.


The “total” line in the output of ls -l from GNU ls isn’t the total number of files, but rather the total number of allocated sectors (at the level of the individual directory, excluding subdirectories), or something. It’s similar to the result of running du -s. So that doesn’t mean that there are 6 other files in that directory.

The relevant code in ls.c is

      DIRED_INDENT ();
      p = _("total");
      DIRED_FPUTS (p, stdout, strlen (p));
      DIRED_PUTCHAR (' ');
      p = human_readable (total_blocks, buf, human_output_opts,
                          ST_NBLOCKSIZE, output_block_size);
      DIRED_FPUTS (p, stdout, strlen (p));
      DIRED_PUTCHAR ('\n');

which refers to the number in question as total_blocks (not files!).


Yes, I get that it counts “dot” and “dot dot” as well as directories too; but 8 is much much greater than 2.
So I’m thinking there may be other files there in those “unseen” 6.
And I just need to be sure we have all the information.


But it’s never meant as an estimate of the number of files that are in the directory; for example on one system I see ls -l /bin gives a numeric total that’s more than 10000, but ls -l /bin | wc -l gives a file count that’s less than 200!


Wow! that is a huge difference.


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