CAA Bind Problem

Every time Virtualmin uses certbot to generate a cert it adds this to the zone:
@ IN CAA 0 issuewild
This stops bind from being authoritative on the zone and I lose the domain until I remove this line and restart bind.
Using Bind9 which so far as I know is up to date and should work with CAA records, but this record does not look right to me. So far as I can see in the system I am not requesting a wildcard cert.

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Could you post your precise version of BIND? It’s possible that the latest version in your distro’s repositories still only supports the TYPE257 syntax.

Your issue sounds a lot like this bug report:

If you can locate the exact lines in the BIND log which list the cause of the zone not being loaded (as in the bug report), that could help too.

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Hi. That would be the issue with the same version of bind.

I used this to force an update for bind since it was not giving an update option.

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