ByetHost anti bot protection and lets encrypt ACME

Im trying to obtain a Lets Encrypt cert for my ByetHost page in the last days. I tried the http fille verification. For the DNS validation, you would need to change the nameservers back, create the record, and change them back to byet host. And that every 90 days does not make a lot of sence. So heres why the http verification fails: ByetHost(and some other hosters too) use anti bot protections(which is quite obvius). The workarround for byethost is answered here. Could that be implemnted into the lets encrypt acme?
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Never say never, but I wouldn't get your hopes up (note: I'm just a volunteer here, not a Let's Encrypt employee). The workaround suggested would require JavaScript parsing capabilities on the Let's Encrypt validation servers side, which, well, would probably require lots of development time for a very tiny percentage of potential users. Therefore, my guess is this feature request won't happen.

That said, there are other methods of implementing the DNS challenge, such as acme-dns.


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