Browser Cash bug

I’ve the problem, that my apache2 uses a certificate for an domain even though I’ve removed any https part I could find.
The Error:
Dies ist keine sichere Verbindung

Unbefugte Dritte könnten versuchen, Ihre Informationen von zu stehlen, z. B. Passwörter, Nachrichten oder Kreditkartendaten. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Clear the Browser Cash

Your site is sending a HSTS header. If you have previously visited the site using HTTPS at any point, your browser will permanently cache this header and force any connection to use HTTPS until the header expires (in your case: 15768000 seconds). You can change the header to send max-age=0, which will tell your browser to discard the HSTS setting for future requests, although this requires at least one successful HTTPS connection. Your browser probably has some hidden option for forgetting the HSTS status as well (just try searching for " forget hsts" in your search engine of choice).

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