Bluehost Domain Authenticator for Wildcard

Hi, I’m setting up a reverse proxy using Nginx using a wildcard domain using the following instructions.

So the first part of the instructions is no longer relevant since version 0.22 of certbot. However the plugins portion mentions Cloudflare and I’m using Bluehost. I’m really not sure how to proceed. Is there a Bluehost Plugin? Is there something I can do manually on the Bluehost record to add domain authentication?

Hi @yelpersan,

In order to use Certbot to get a wildcard certificate, you should have an API for your DNS provider. Is Bluehost your DNS provider? Does it offer an API?

If not, there’s also a trick you can use with a CNAME record in order to use a different DNS provider to complete the challenges.

Bluehost does provide my DNS. I’m not seeing where they offer an API. Could you explain the CNAME trick or point to where I can find it.

Stupid question couldn’t I just set up a free cloudflare account and point my Bluehost dns to that for the acme challenge?

That’s one of the ways around it - alternatively you can use acme-dns and put in a CNAME entry to your Bluehost DNS pointing to it.

Sorry for the late reply. So I would cname to my own dns running my NGINX?

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