Blocked on EDGE broser


In the past few days our pages are being blocked in Edge browser as our domain is missing under CN.

In the certificate we’ve purchased you can see that both and domains are listed under DNS but only is under CN.

Clearly EDGE browser is not looking under DNS like other browser and it is looking under CN and that is why our pages are blocked (example -

How can we add as an additional CN or please instruct us what to do to fix this issue.

Thank you

Please show a pic of the error/message.

The cert in use was provided at no cost.

Doubtful; again, show a pic of the problem.

There can only be one CN (Common Name) in any certificate.
[this is not a restriction controlled, nor imposed, by LetsEncrypt]

Hi @lhirsh

that's wrong. A certificate may have one CN entry. But can have hundreds of DNS names.

It's completely unrelevant what's used as CN.

Please share screenshots of your problem.

this is a link you can enter into EGDE broser and you will see the block message -

Your site has malware or critical downloads.

That’s not a certificate problem.

PS: What’s the concrete url with that problem?

What says “More information”?

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Yep, now my Edge shows the same problem.

The certificate is valid, it's a phishing problem.

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the link is pointed to our PHP that creates a dynamic page showing diamond spinning and other information. all pictures are stored on our cloud on Amazon. We are not using any personal information.
All our links looks the same and the PHP knows what information is built in the html according to the end of the link.
samples of links:

There are errors. Check the Grade I -

An og:image

but that sends an Amazon Xml Forbidden, application/xml as wrong content type. May be that's a false positive.

How do you know it is a phishing problem?
The page is not asking for any information and not using any information beside our PHP and DB.
Is there a way to know exactly what is wrong with those pages?

What can I do if SmartScreen warns me about a site I visit, but it’s not unsafe?

From the warning page, you can choose to report this site as a safe site. Select More information , and then select the Report that this site does not contain threats link to go to the Microsoft feedback site, and follow the instructions.

That’s what you need to do. Nobody on this forum can help you, this is part of Microsoft’s SmartScreen filter. Not related to your certificate in any way.

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Read your output.

There is an iFrame

with a redirect to Square Modified Brilliant&color= Fancy Light Yellow, Natural Even&name=AR-3814&size=9.01&clarity=VVS2&lab=GIA&addInfo=&cert=5192867114.pdf&frames=150&fps=25&frontView=0&magnify=1&backstone=1&fronstone=1&scert=1&v=5196

I don't know if Edge like that. Unusual configuration.

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Thank you for that!
I did it already yesturday. Waiting for them to reply…

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