Bit of advice please



Sorry if this sound a stupid question but it’s not my field of expertise
If I install les encrypt on to my server does this cover all the domains on my server or can I select which ones are cover as I would want a new one for each domain

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense lol



You can select which one is/are covered. But please notice that there are rate limits in effect when requesting multiple certificates, especially when just the subdomains of one single domain are changing.


You have to generate certificates for each and every domain name / web site on your server.


@MitchellK I think I understand what you mean, just to clarify though for others reading this thread later, if you only wanted certificates for 2 different domains ( out of 20 you host on that server ) you could just generate certificates for those 2 domains, and install on those 2 - you don’t have to install on the other 18 if you don’t want to ( although may as well do all :slight_smile: )


@serverco indeed, I should have been a bit more specific, thanks for clarifying for future readers of this topic :wink:


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