Bind multiple SSL certificate to the same app


Hi guys!

I spent almost a week searching on this issue and need your help.

I’m hosting my app on Heroku and for each user we generate a subdomain (e.g. and we need to let him to point his own domain name ( to and then generate a SSL cert for them.

Now the issue is that Heroku doesn’t allow us to have multiple SSL certificate on the same domain. Is it possible to auto-update (with the new domains) a single cert using Let’s Encrypt? If yes, is there any limit?

Moving from Heroku to different hosting server could be also a solution, but I don’t know if the issue will be the same on another one.

I’m sure someone already had this issue in this community and I would really appreciate any help!





If all sites are under the same domain, why not generate a wildcard certificate instead?

However, in this case you’ll need to generate the certificate and renew it by yourself, as Heroku ACM currently does not support this feature.

Thank you


Thank you for the fast answer steven,

All sites are not under the same domain as we want to let our users connect their own domain to a sub domain we generated ! Yes I saw that Heroku doesn’t support it but as we want to switch to another server, do you know if it’s usually a simple task or it’s complicated? We’re going to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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