Bad address on every unsubscribe link on email alerts

I’m getting a lot of emails about expiring certs. This is because I’ve created a few but some new certs are the ones I want. So these old certs (that I no longer have or use) are in the Letsencrypt database and I am getting an alert. Good stuff, but there tends to be quite a number of alerts for a single cert. I’m not sure exactly how many, but it is more than 3 per cert. In any case, there is an unsubscribe from the alert for that expiring cert link in the email. Only that link doesn’t work in any emails for the past 3-5 days or so. Should I report this bug somewhere else?

How exactly does it not work - is there an error message, or do you just keep receiving mail?

Error message “bad url” from the redirector. I think your
tracker/redirector is broken. Really sad to see this for days on end with
LetsEncrypt. One would expect better awareness.


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July 29

How exactly does it not work - is there an error message, or do you just
keep receiving mail?

[Visit Topic](
or reply to this email to respond.

To unsubscribe from these emails, click

@jsha Any changes recently that could be causing this?

The actual URL might be useful in debugging this, would you mind sharing that? (Feel free to PM, I think the URL might contain your email.)

Thanks for reporting! I just checked a recent email for one of my accounts and got the same error. It appears to be a problem with link detection. There’s a period at the end of the sentence that gets included in the URL when I click it. If I manually edit the URL to remove the period, it properly unsubscribes me.

I think this was triggered by a small change to our email template. I’ll get it fixed.

Just a reminder: The unsubscribe link unsubscribes from all certificate reminders. We haven’t yet implemented unsubscription on a per-certificate basis. We send 3 reminders per certificate. Your feedback that that’s too many is valuable - we may reduce it to 2.


Hi, thanks for your attention to this. I should have tried to troubleshoot the url, as you did. Thank you also for the notice that this will unsubscribe from all certificate alerts. For me that is fine as I have added calendar events as personal reminders. Also, 2 reminders sounds great to me.

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