AWS announces "Certificate Manager" similar to LE


I am also using Comodo Certificate Manager, It’s working perfectly…


I found a way around the lack of wildcard certification, combining both the certificates from LE and AWS whenever convenient:

  1. Issue a cert with LE for the domain (
  2. Issue a cert with AWS with the wildcard (*
  3. Create an S3 bucket for Static Website Hosting, set “Redirect all requests to” to “
  4. Create a CloudFront Distribution using AWS’ cert, setting the Origin Domain Name to the bucket’s website endpoint (not the endpoint auto-suggested by CloudFront, but the website endpoint, which can be copied from the S3 bucket under “Static Website Hosting”), and the CNAME to *
  5. Create an A type DNS record in Route53 with name * and value pointing as an Alias to the CDN

That’s it! Whenever requesting a wrong URL ( it will be redirected to