Awardspace hosting DNS ZeroSSL


I really need help. I am using DNS verification for ZeroSSL, and my hosting provider is awardspace. the problem is, it has no area named ‘location’ or ‘name’ to put I will attach a screen shot.


Isn’t there some kind of option to add subdomains in a window “before” this window?


Hi @thexpiredpear

click Cancel, then “Add New” - is this the same picture?

What’s your domain name? Create a test entry (value “this is a test”), save it and check your domain to see the TXT result


Based on this video of Awardspace DNS Manager, it looks like the interface is trying to tie the records to a selected “hostname”, so one might need to first “Create a free subdomain” and then select that as a “hostname” on the screen which you have posted. If I’m not mistaken though, leading underscores are not quite allowed in that case, but you might give it a go anyway. As an alternative, there are plenty of free DNS hosting providers you might use instead (wihout changing the hosting for your website).