Automatic created personal S/MIME Certificate with Using eID from EU?

Dear community member,

in Germany and in the EU exist eID with the nPA(In english: ID Card) . This can certifiy, that the Adresse or Name is correct.

Is their a possibilty for create full automatic personal Certificate for E-Mail, Homepage or for Organisations?
It could used in complete EU via Gateway.[3]

[1]Bundesamt für Informationstechnik:(german) eID-Infrastruktur. URL:

[2]Information Form ENISA (english): URL:

[3]Information from EU:

Hi @jey,

There were a number of threads about this when Let’s Encrypt first started and the historic answer is that Let’s Encrypt is not interested in issuing client certificates, only server certificates.

In this case, I don’t understand why the issuers of the identity cards themselves don’t also issue digital certificates. It seems like it would be relatively straightforward for them.

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